CEDEL2: Corpus Escrito del Español L2 (version 2)

CEDEL2 (v2)

Sept. 2020

Web interface: User manual

To search and download the corpus, click on the tab ‘Search/Download’, where you can do a ‘simple search’ or an ‘advanced search’. The web interface has been designed so as to be as simple and intuitive as possible. Next to each search element, you will see a question mark symbol like this . Click on it to get help about how to use each element. Additionally, the search interface is divided into coloured sections to help you visualize the different sections.

SIMPLE SEARCH: Use this to look for a word (or a combination of words in the corpus). The result will be a concordance.

ADVANCED SEARCH: Use this to look for words, grammatical categories, lemmas, frequencies, concordances, etc.. You can apply several filters to restrict your search. You can also download the corpus texts here. We recommend you click on the different question marks for additional help.